Thursday, 17 August 2017

catch-up time

I've got a day or so to get caught up on all sorts of things before I go away for a 10 day trip to Sonora Resort and Dent Island.  But the mind wanders. I need to get the Tyee rowboat and tackle ready for when I get back. It is just one of many things on my list. I imagine the slim chance of rowing with Shamra , or her rowing me, to weigh a Tyee at the Clubhouse again this year.  This year I am doing more rowing, essentially the last of August and through to the end of the Club season Sept 15.  I'll hardly get to fish with her because I'm fishing with others.

Steve and Justin

Father and son, Steve and Justin enjoyed the salmon flow. We had talked about how a lot of salmon are migrating by, not biting much.. We watched a stream of trout-like pinks and robust sockeyes porpoise , or jump, and wave to us as they went by.  We are really just fishing for chinooks, but we'll take a pink or hatchery coho if it grabbed on.  In one of the popular fishing holes we saw a few chinooks caught, but not for us. 

 When we moved to a place all alone we had a couple of bites and got this nice one.  This tricky fish waited until we were staring out at passing dolphins and bit while we weren't looking.  But we hooked him anyways. 

Interestingly, this fish had hooks in his mouth from a previous encounter.  The hooks were very new looking, but there was no one fishing within a mile or so from us. 

Monday, 14 August 2017

Alexandre and Manuella

Alexandre and Manuella are from Brazil , and having a wonderful time exploring western Canada on their own.  They did have a little trouble getting their fishing licenses the day before, so I drove over by car, and picked them up at their hotel in time to be at River Sportsman store when it opened at 7 am. Alexandre's English is pretty fair , and Manuella doesn't try to speak often, but she hears and understands quite well.  I don't speak Spanish at all, and yet everything worked out very well.

 We travelled up the Straits and  soon after arriving we saw Pacific White-Sided Dolphins. 

 We heard a report on the radio from another fishing guide saying there were Orcas coming.  We changed our location but couldn't see any sign so we settled in to fish , and caught a nice chinook in a lucky short time. Exciting !
 Then the whales came. Orcas. Boy did they come.  At the end of the day the experts said there were forty . 
 We watched many Orcas come by, and then left the group of wild life tour boats that were floating in the general area.   We headed into Nodales Channel to get some fishing in before the whales would come and stir the fish around, and of course eat some.  When we were fishing some of the whales came right past us.  Not good for fishing, but what show. 

 We had no more bites. When we moved up the coast a while later we found the whales had turned around already and were on their way back out. It is hard to get a photo that captures the scene of large numbers of orcas spread out , yet relatively near.  So many it was hard to safely find a course out. 

 On the way back , the black bear was on is beach again, rolling rocks. 

What a great day for this couple from Brazil ! 

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Sunday, 13 August 2017

keep 'em coming

David keeps coming back with a different mixture of his family.  Thom, Rachel and John all got in the action .

 On the trip up the Straits we spied a bear on the shore rolling over rocks to catch the little shore crabs underneath.

And we watched a seine boat doing the test fishery . 

Saturday, 12 August 2017

overnight circle route

John and Inge joined Stewart and Tamara for an overnight exploration , all around Quadra, Sonora, Maurelle and Cortes Islands, in a big circle route.  Stewart and John are childhood school friends, and have kept in touch while each has moved around continents. John and Inge have come from Norway to reconnect and what better way than a boating and fishing adventure. 

 We started in the north Straits fishing a few spots on the way around.  

On the way some Pacific White-Sided Dolphins played with us for a little while. 

 Dinner was the fresh pink salmon . Delicious on the barbeque . The cottage is adorable with a great wide view. 

On the return day there was a southeast wind coming up. We fished in a sheltered place for the morning, and then crossed over to the south end of Quadra.  There I was very impressed how well this crew handled some waves. All are boaters and it shows. We had some fast action there or a while, released wild cohos and Inge played a chinook that threw the hooks after a few minutes. A great way to end. 

Thursday, 10 August 2017

a fishing lad from Paris

 Niel loves fishing, and luckily his father Francois supports him in that. Neil even fishes successfully in and near their home in Paris , France.
 They only kept one fish for the family to eat while they are here.  We took tissue samples of  a couple more that we released.
 The family is staying at one of Eric Peterson's wonderful waterfront guest cottages. They love it there, and the dock in front is a bonus.  Thanks, Eric for this connection.

Wednesday, 9 August 2017

more ladies, more fun exploring

Two new guests join in for the ladies explorations of the near back country, from Super Island Camp. 
  Mindy , Ellen, Colesie, Lainee , with Mindy and Colsie being the newbies. 
One never knows what will turn up, or not, in the day. We head out in the morning with a plan to meet the rest of the group for lunch at Dent Island Lodge . 

The sky is still a haze from the hundreds of distant forest fires , and the mountains are out of view, but the early sun is lovely in an eerie way. 
We are cruising through Calm Channel when we come upon several humpback whales. 

 Humpbacks spend a lot of time under water , so we find that when we stop to watch , a couple more appear behind us, come nearer , and then pass by.  A bit of good luck for the ladies, again. 

Moving along we explore and fish the mouth of Bute Inlet on the east and then the west sides.  Colesie manages to bring in a lovely salmon which will be the evening dinner , then Lainee adds a yellow-eye rockfish for variety.  We don't target the yellow -eyes,  often called red snapper, because the population is low, but an incidental catch like this is delicious. 

 Thanks for inviting me to join you for the yummie lunch and chat at Dent. The docks are full at this time of peak yachting season.  

 For the trip back , the flood tide was churning at a pretty fast rate and we looked for the eagles and sea lions . The eagles were few and just sitting in the trees, and the sea lions like-wise just glanced at us from their resting spots. 

 Thank you every one, of this special ladies group.  I enjoyed your company. Thanks Liz for the extra pictures. And thank you all for your interest in this blog, and for your patience until I got a chance to catch up here. 

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

Bring the family

Chris and Cindy, regulars,  were joined this year with more of their family , so two boats this year.  Cara fished with her dad in Eiji's boat , while Mike with fiancee Shannon and Cindy fished with me.  Smiles all around. 

Monday, 7 August 2017

Ladies morning

Marlene, Ellen, Lainee, and Michelle, were hoping to see a bit of everything and also catch a salmon.

As guests at the summer place of a good friend, an mostly new to fishing, this was to be a general interest trip. A bit of good fortune and the morning unfolded wonderfully. Fairly early, Ellen brought in the salmon dinner .
 We changed location and en route a humpback whale breached near to us.  Then , turning into a narrow channel , we met a pod of Orcas coming the other way. It is proper, and legally required, to give the whales a wide distance. We paced them in parallel for a little while, and then turned off the motor.  Some of the family came nearer as they passed by us. What a treat.  Oh, and at other times in the morning an eagle flew overhead, and a sea lion that came by and rolled with an eye on us.  Thanks for bringing your good luck , ladies.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

Filling in

 I thought I had a day off, but Gary's boat had a glitch and I picked up his guests. Filling in for Coastal Island Fishing Adventures.

Thursday, 3 August 2017

smokey haze

 There is a haze in the sky from the many distant forest fires in the interior . Sunrise was beautiful and spooky.  View over Cortes Island.

Julia brings dinner

This family was visiting friends and their local hosts really hoped they would bring back fresh fish for dinner.  Julia and brother Will handled the rods and mother Liz enjoyed pitching in to take the wheel . We saw a bit of the back-country, and Julia brought in the salmon big enough to feed everyone.  Well done ! 


Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Eric and Sharon afternoon

Eric called me at nearly the last moment .  There is some luck in fishing, and the first lucky thing was that the scheduled party had cancelled for that day.  We got out for the afternoon. 
Eric and Sharon, from Florida, were near the end of of their BC vacation in their RV.  Barbeque salmon dinner tonight ! 

Monday, 31 July 2017

Jason goes from fishing to fishing

Jason, from Alberta,  has been travelling all over the coast and Vancouver Island on his fishing vacation, exploring rivers with his flyrods.  Today was a change of pace to go salmon fishing from a boat . 
  We fished with salmon plugs on the downrigger, so when the line releases from the clip, it is just you and the fish. A couple of lovely chinooks gave great fights. 

These salmon are feeding on large schools of large herring and even hake, which are eating shrimp.  We caught up one dogfish shark by the tail and while I was unhooking him some of those shrimp fell out of his mouth.  Those are some of the important ingredients in the soup of Georgia Strait. 

Thursday, 27 July 2017

Family Day

Tony and Debbie brought their girls Tyler and Julia salmon fishing. It was a change from their usual trout fishing and camping family vacation. They had a day exploring Quadra Island and Rebecca Spit and on a different day they took a trip on a whale watching excursion. As it happened, a humpback whale came near while we were fishing and blew a spray close enough to give a surprise. 

 Fishing was great with fast and slow times during a full day. We started out with action, boated one, released a coho and and an undersized chinook and that was followed by a long dry spell.  We searched and moved out to the islands to try a pretty spot, but only had one bite, and then doubled back.  Patience and good attitudes were rewarded.  Right time , right place and the bite was on. Everyone caught at least one salmon, and it was Tyler who had the big one, and a workout to bring him to the net.  Good job Tyler and good team fishing !

Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Beverly and Stan with Paul and Mary-Lou

Vacationing on Quadra Island, sisters and hubbies take a morning fishing trip for fun and tasty fresh fish.  
Mary-Lou , you didn't get in the picture, but we know you are the one most interested in cooking some salmon treats. Enjoy.