Thursday, 31 December 2015

Christmas morning

All of these were taken from the porch in Q cove on Christmas morning.

At the right time in the morning, on a clear day, the rising sun gives a reflected glow from the buildings on the south side of Campbell River.  On Christmas day, this is photo is about 9 am. 

Even on Christmas Day, the Quadra ferry makes a few trips.  Cheers. 

Yes, that is a hummingbird. There are a few in the neighbourhood that get through the winter with help from sugar -water feeders. 

Stellar's Jay

This the local eagle pair that stays for the winter.  Others will come when the spawned herring are moving out in early spring.  

The north end of the cove with the mouth of the Campbell River and Tyee Pool in the distance. The tide is ebbing , moving north to the right in the main channel.  Diagonally through the bay you can see the backwater riffle with up-welling that brings food closer to the surface, and there is a line of  gulls pecking along the break. Even in winter the pattern holds. 

The days are getting longer, spring is coming.  Hang in there.

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