Sunday 21 April 2024

Silent Auction Tyee Fishing

   Check this out.  I'm donating a pair of rowboat fishing trips to support good causes for fish.  . The Campbell River Salmon Foundation has a reciprocal arrangement with the Fraser River Sturgeon Conservation Society.  I'm glad to help both groups for their good work .  You can contribute too, with your bid.  

Here is a link to the auction .  See all the items , and this one is # 36 .  The on-line auction ends May 6 at the time of the Gala dinner. 

 The auction item description looks like this : 

Two guided rowboat fishing trips in the 100-year-old tradition of the Tyee Club of BC, with Rick Hackinen of Brightfish Charters. For one to two anglers in the rowboat. The tackle is simple sporting tackle according to the rules, and you will handle it all yourself. All these mature chinooks are exciting and if you are lucky to catch one over 30 lbs. you can join the prestigious Tyee Club.

Each trip of 2 ½ hours is to be scheduled near to each other according to availability, on the same day, or on consecutive days, within the dates Aug 5 to Sept 15.


 The Campbell River Fishing Guides Association has also donated a motorboat trip, which I helped organize as Chair of the CRFGA,  see Item # 25. 

Tuesday 9 April 2024

Early season fishing the back country 2024

Planning 2024, Fishing the backcountry, April 1 to July 14

 One of my very favorite fishing trips is getting out into the marine backcountry with a lovely trip to the mainland side of our area in the early season.  It is a lovely picturesque cruise to where the ocean channels weave into the mountains.  


 We can

Website ; 

     250 830 8680


Saturday 30 March 2024

More March great fishing

 Swapping stories of earlier days with a couple of other old-timers, and getting interrupted by the occasional fish.  These guys were already well established guides when I started.  They influenced my style of guiding.  

Friday 29 March 2024

sargassum seaweed

A bit of floating seaweed with herring eggs attached.  This probably got blown up to here from the spawning areas further south. Notice the eyes in the eggs. 

This Sargassum seaweed is an invasive species . 


Tuesday 26 March 2024

a Recapture today

 Today in the micro-trolling research project we recaptured a chinook that was first tagged by a micro-trolling crew nearly exactly a year ago near Nanaimo .  It grew from 237 to 470 mm. 

  It is regular procedure to scan every fish on the chance that it could be carrying a PIT tag.  This is the first recap that we've had in our boat that was tagged by micro-trolling in a previous year.  

Loonie Spoon works

The Loonie Spoon was catching fish today. 


March fishing continues being very good

Great guests , great weather , great fishing .