Wednesday, 22 July 2020

repeat fishing for 35 years

 Michael and Beth have been coming to fish with me for ...oh ... about 35 years .  It started in the open boat, then the good old SEA BEAR , and next the Brightfish .  We've seen lots of changes. 

 In recent years they come with Steve and Bessy ( and Bessy always out-fishes everyone ) in Eiji's boat .



Wednesday, 1 July 2020

Additional new chinook fishing opportunity starting Canada Day , July 1

 Happy Canada Day !    Starting today, you can keep a chinook you catch.  This regulation applies to the east side of our fishing range, towards the mountains, and is very suitable for a day trip.

  In more detail , this is additional opportunity to the regulations previously announced, starting chinook retention two weeks earlier than the July 15 date for the wider area . There are two parts within our general fishing area ,  one is Bute Inlet and one is a U shape of Ramsay Arm through into Toba Inlet .  You are allowed one chinook per day , of a maximum size of 80 cm if wild , and no maximum size limit if hatchery marked .  Possession limit is two day's catch .

 The reason for chinook catch restrictions in general is to protect weak runs that migrate early in the season and travel far up the Fraser River .  These areas where we can now keep a chinook are
   shown to be off of the travel route of those stocks of concern .  The fish that you will be fishing for are abundant .

 Have a great day fishing , see the beautiful marine back-country , and bring back a delicious chinook salmon .