Thursday, 5 May 2016

grey, but great

In a long stretch of hot sunny weather, the day that David scheduled turned out to be the grey one. It started out rainy , but it lightened up .
It was a lovely calm day to travel to where we got amongst the islands on the mainland side. 

Last September Katrina organized the fishing , and this time she came herself , with Ray and Melanie. They all have some fish to eat here, and to take home to Alberta. 
It looked a little gloomy and rainy at the 8 am start, but it was a cozy ride , and turned into a great fishing day. The boat top gives good protection. I always like to point out that we have nice sheltered fishing locations to choose from,  

As usual, we did a little science. We took tissue samples which will be analyzed for DNA which will tell which rivers, or river groups, these fish come from.  It will be very interesting to know what mix of rivers these early season chinooks are coming from, and eventually going home to.