Saturday, 17 November 2018

last trip of the year

 We can fish all winter , and many years we do , but for this year today is the last trip , November 17.
 Fishing reports have been mostly good for these winter chinooks , the local feeders . It is a calm clear day , preceded by a cold frosty night , so we didn't get started until nearly noon when the world warmed up .

 Calm is nice for fishing , not so good for sailing , but one sailboat is out to harness what little wind there is .

 A sea lion tracks us for a while . We saw him at a distance splashing the surface with a fish of some kind , as they do to break the meal into large bite-size pieces.  He came over to check us out but lost interest after a few minutes. 

  I rarely hold the rod for the whole fight of a fish . I thought about what I coach people to do , and tried that.

 There were only a few boats out, even though the conditions were perfect .  We noticed these fellows playing a fish as we drove by on the way in.

 We think the winter chinooks are the tastiest salmon of all.