Friday, 3 November 2017

newlyweds don't feel cold

Jeri and Martina , fishing chums in early November.  

 When they phoned , they were in Campbell River as the weather was turning from pretty nice to pretty darn cool . They assured me that they would be fine , " We're mountain people ! ".  And they are, they live and work in the mountains of Switzerland.  They arrived at the boat at the appointed time before the sun , dressed in quality ski clothing. True to form, they were not a bit cold. I was impressed ! 
 I've been mostly switched over to my other seasonal carpentry mode. But glad to go if the crew is keen, and they were. Game on !
 They both just loved the whole thing, and caught a chum each. 
These two have been exploring across Canada in a rental RV, starting in Montreal, and they had fishing for Pacific salmon on the got- to- do list. Keep the adventure going !  

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