Saturday, 17 December 2016

Lookin' Good Salmon Outlook for 2017

2017 is shaping up to be a good bet for salmon fishing, especially chinooks , and especially larger chinooks. It's not just me saying that.
Jeremy Maynard , whom I count as friend and fellow fishing guide, posts a blog which is informed by his deep connections in the management and politics of Pacific Salmon. I'm Chair of the Campbell River and District Fishing Guides Association and a rep on the local Sport Fishing Advisory Committee, so I see Jeremy there, too, and that let's me see about 2% down the road that he is on.  I'll have to nag him to be less modest and list his many appointments and experience on his website.  It is always worthwhile to read his blog :

An extraction from his very comprehensive recent post reads;
" One of the important signs for the coming year from the past is that many salmon that went to sea in 2013 did well (age-4 chinooks and chums in 2016) so there should be good numbers of age-5 fish in 2017. It could be the best season in a while for larger chinook salmon both on the west coast and around the inner south coast where these fish may be encountered – Tyee Club fishery participants take note! "

 I am excited about the summer to come and I hope you are, too. Chinooks are our main targets through the year . As to other species, this will be the high alternate year for pinks, sockeyes should be good for part of the season, and chums are expected to be good,  Cohos may be similar to this past summer with retention for hatchery cohos only, but all else is very favourable.

I'll be sharpening some bigger hooks.

(  This fish earned Shamra the award for largest Tyee caught by a woman. We squeezed rowing into our spare time when we could, and this was a highlight of the year for both of us.  And, by the way, Jeremy guided the winning largest fish of the Tyee Club season at 36.5 pounds. )

Email or phone to get on the calendar.

Friday, 16 December 2016

baby its cold outside

Some of the snow has gone in the sunshine, but it is still cold.  Mt. Washington ski resort is on that peak above Campbell River, in the middle of this picture. It's a great start for the ski season, and this kind of real winter is good for salmon by stocking snowpack in the mountains for summer runoff to fill creeks and rivers. 

 The hummingbird appears occasionally on warmer days. 

snow in the Cove

Tuesday, 6 December 2016