Saturday, 30 June 2018

a rainbow day.

 Brad and Donna brought their teenage grandkids Chase and Dallas, who are new to salmon fishing. 
The day started out with a light intermittent rain and lightened up as the morning progressed. A few small practice fish shook the hook , but the teens soon got the hang of it. 

 We trolled over in the direction of the rainbow, and caught a couple of fish over there.  

 A couple of humpback whales were fishing themselves , and in sight in the distance for an hour or so. 

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Friday, 29 June 2018

herring feast

Gary came from Edmonton to join Don and  Andrew for great fishing and cool show today.
 It started with seeing a humpback whale, and then a close-up of schools of large herring feeding in shallow water, bubbling and frothing the surface . One of those herring got snagged on one of the lures and I later measured it at eight inches.  Later when we cleaned the fish , the chinooks had similar sized big herring in their stomachs, and two of them were so stuffed it just seemed impossible that the salmon could squeeze another herring in. 
 Without getting to much into specifics, the fellows caught three chinooks, and released several keepers including one that measured the same as the biggest we kept.  Also , there were several cohos including a hatchery coho to keep . 

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Tuesday, 26 June 2018

Super Island Ladies, and Bailer

 The Super Island Ladies brought Bailer along for the ride.  We didn't go far this time.  N caught a nice one fairly early, and then Liz released a keeper. Liz kept busy releasing undersize ones, to the count of  11, of which we sampled 5 for DNA. The bite slowed and it was time to get them back for lunch. Bailer was super cool the whole time . Let sleeping dogs lie. 

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Sunday, 24 June 2018

the women's connection

This weekend trip was a connection through the women.  Frances was referred to me by Catherine, a regular fishing guest.  She brought along business friend Eva . The guys,  Frances' brother Christo and Eva's beau Zack , completed the fishing team.  Good going, team ! 
 They drove up from Vancouver Friday evening , fished the day Saturday , the morning Sunday and headed back Sunday afternoon.  That works. 
 They loved it all so much that they booked the same weekend for next year. See you again next year ! 

 Yes, that smallest fish is a hatchery marked coho. We took tissue samples from four wild ones for DNA, that we released. 

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Friday, 22 June 2018

follow the herring

 Fishing a quick fun trip with Shamra and Rich.  We stayed in the relative shallows, mostly just 50 feet to bottom.  We didn't find the herring immediately, but when we did we had lots of action. Cohos ! and chinooks.  We were sight fishing, looking for the birds, and often seeing the herring on the surface .
 Harley came by looking to compare notes for cohos,  for fun and maybe a lucky hatchery marked coho to keep . He already had three chinooks on board from earlier. 
 A humpback surfaced and blew near to us in that shallow water .  We did not see it beforehand, and afterward we tried to look for it ,  but did not see it come up again . They can travel far on a breath, 
 The humpback whales are another measure of the bounty of food in this area. 

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Tuesday, 19 June 2018

spontaneous !

What do a couple of young old buddies do when they get together after a few years ?  Well , these guys decided to go fishing for the afternoon.  A lovely evening. Lots of action. Good times.

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Wednesday, 13 June 2018

Still at it

It was the annual June trip for Maurice and Elizabeth .  Two mornings of fine company with these 81 year olds.  

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Saturday, 9 June 2018

Sonora afternoons

Sonora Resort, the top of luxury, hosts a large corporate derby every spring. It is two afternoons.  Fishing was pretty good for boats spread over a wide area . I chose to go into the near end of Bute Inlet and the guys caught one each, with some luck leading for the first day at 19.5 pounds.  On the second afternoon, a couple of fellows, who didn't mind the intermittent drizzle at all, caught these nice ones. 
 In the last half of the last tide, my friend  Dave F guided a 30 pounder, a Tyee , to win.   

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sheltered in the back country

 Teal joins the Super Island adventurers , with Jack and Brody.  It was very windy last night and still some blowing this morning in exposed areas , but we head toward the mountains and find lots of nice calm places behind the islands.  Some of the previous guests would have loved to see the whales we saw today. 

 It is different every day.  You just don't know what will turn up.  Teal caught the salmon today, and we sampled several small ones for the DNA study. 
 And we passed a humpback whale on the trip back . 

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Zoom !

 Diane, Brody, Chloe, and Logan make the next team from Super Island.  We head out for yesterday's hotspot.  It is pretty good there with smaller fish and we take tissue samples of quite a few, and Diane becomes a specialist at helping with that.  After a while we move on a little further around the corner into the glacial tinted water.  Some bites and a release , and then Chloe gets a strong bite and a fish that zooms out line , and hey, Logan has one on, too !  Logan gets the twin up close enough where we get a look before it shakes the hook .

Meanwhile Chloe has a mile of line to wind up.  The fish and angler both get tired muscles. 
We tried the hot spot on the way back , and had a good bite and chance at another. It is all fun, and one fish like this adds a lot to the pantry.  It is different every day. 

Thanks Diane for the extra photos. 

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Sunday, 3 June 2018

sharing the experience

 It was a day for exploring and fishing from "Super Island" with Stephanie and Jason , and teenagers Jack and Brody. Everyone joined in to make a great time.
 There is  more than one family at the "camp" , and this crew was selected to go together because they are thought to be the keenest to stay out longer.  Well , they certainly proved their worth as we went for hours , trying several spots, and going further, before we got the first bite. Thank you for your terrific attitudes and patience ! Then it was game on . Jason did a lot of the steering when the fishing end of the boat got busy .  We released several smaller fish and Stephanie helped with taking tissue samples and sticking the bit in the book. The lads did most of the catching, but, hey, someone has to do it.  The fish had lunch at noon, and then we brought them back for dinners. 

Thanks Stephanie, for the extra pictures. 

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