Sunday, 31 May 2015


It was a fine day to scout around a bit. Ross really enjoyed the beautiful views, especially when got to the edge of Desolation Sound. ( Captain Vancouver named it that because he was miserable at the time, but it is a crazy name for this gorgeous place. )
We had some fishing action here and there, and eventually hit the right time and place when we backtracked a bit. Timing is everything.  We found the herring, and great salmon action. In addition to these two beauties, Ross released a nice keeper, and kept a delicious lingcod. Those will be exotic meals he'll have with his family back in Florida. 

this year's new herring

It is wonderful to see the tiny new herring . Herring are food for nearly everything. 

Thursday, 7 May 2015

Mossom Creek Hatchery

There's Ruth helping a young visitor get involved at the newly rebuilt Mossom Creek Hatchery.

The Mossom Creek Hatchery is a small community hatchery near Port Moody, (which is part of metro Vancouver ) at the end of Burrard Inlet. The hatchery burned completely in December 2013. My sister lives near and is one of many volunteers, and told me of the tragedy and the fundraising efforts to rebuild. So , I donated a day of fishing last summer. It is over a hundred miles away, but it is so connected by salmon. Ruth Foster gave us a tour. She is a nationally recognized environmental education specialist and originally the hatchery grew from the salmon project for her high school students.  

 The community response of multitudes of small donations and helps, plus the support of corporate sponsors has resulted in an amazing educational and salmon supporting facility.  The upstairs room is like an audio visual classroom. The building is a lesson in sustainable, state of the art, fire proof , building materials, including a "green roof ", and even sidewalks to demonstrate fast-draining water permeable concrete. . 

 The tiny chum salmon had already been released when we were there.  Those are cohos in care now, to be be released next spring. 

 Here are the fellows who received the donated fishing day. They caught a boat full of sockeye salmon.

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