Thursday, 30 June 2016

blog photo rush

Peter wanted to be sure to get the fish into the St.Jean's depot for processing before they closed. So he teased me for squeezing in a photo op for my blog. We got it all done, with minutes to spare. Now, doesn't that look good ?
Peter and sons Aubrey and Ryan were here last a decade ago. Before that, Peter has been coming fishing to this area  for over 50 years, and his father before that. Lots has changed, yet some things stay the same. On this three day trip we had some slow fishing sometimes, and then a bite when everyone is distracted. And a good fish story or two, of the big one that got away, and the last fish caught at the last possible minute. 

Peter bonked this one with his cane. 

Wear layers. Jackets on in the morning, but it was hot through the day. 

Out in the " back country ". 

Thumbs up !

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