Thursday, 27 October 2016

more sea lions and chums in Q Cove

This year has had an extraordinary return of Chum salmon, the biggest in decades.  Just looking out on the water in Q Cove , I've seen occasional jumpers and finners, late in the run and after almost all of the commercial fishing is finished. The seiners had a massive haul last week, and still there are lots of fish. 

 A sealion or two has been cruising inside the Cove , and catching  chums regularly. This isn't a spot you'd expect to look for chums. The sealion thrashes his catch on the surface and the seagulls come in for loose scraps. 

 Note that there is a seal ( in the third photo ) keeping an eye out for a bite. The sealion seems to be able to catch these salmon , while the seal cannot.  That is the way it looks. 

For more information on the numbers relating to the chum run, see Jeremy Maynard's blog /.  Jeremy gives the deeper background information about salmon resource management and sport fishing, and is always worth reading. 

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