Saturday, 7 January 2017

'tis the next season

The eagles are back in Quathiaski Cove. The season of easy pickings of dying salmon at the rivers is ending, and the season of  ocean scouting for herring, and other fish, and rebuilding nests, is beginning again. 

 There was a concentration of herring here in the Cove in mid November with crowds of several kinds of birds chasing them, but not eagles, That culminated with Humpback whales coming right in close to the docks, feeding on those herring.  ( Look back in this blog for photos ) . Now the ocean surface appears leaner , yet the eagles are here. 
  The photo above shows four eagles at the north end of the Cove,  The nest is directly below the two mature white headed eagles, located just into the thicker foliage where it is obscured. 
  The photo below is taken at the same time by swinging the camera over to Grouse Island. ,  Those two eagles didn't pose nicely for the picture but you can make out that there are two there.  That makes six eagles to see at once.
   This is what it looks like through most of the year, so I presume that these are the local homesteaders. Many more eagles may appear in spring as they pass through , migrating north and spreading themselves out over the north coast. 

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