Friday, 19 May 2017

Orca traffic

 It is good form to go slow and look both ways for coming traffic when coming out of the harbour. 
 This family of Orcas was coming up the shore , close in, when I was about to cross Discovery Passage, almost 9 pm Friday night.  I stopped and turned off my motor at the breakwater at the Discovery Harbour entrance.  

We are supposed to give them lots of room, like a hundred metres, but I was just in the harbour entrance and thought it should be okay. They passed by travelling slow and steady. The biggest male has an especially forceful blow.  I had an eye in the camera and found it hard to count them accurately. Maybe there were seven or eight , with the majority being small ones. 
These are the mammal eating kind of Orca, formally called Transients, now Bigg's, prowling for seals and sealions.  

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