Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Orca day

Today was a great December day for seeing whales, just by coincidence.  
Jeff and Katy are researching possibilities for a home for retired Orcas. The public who once enjoyed seeing captive whales on display has had a change of heart and would now prefer to see them set free. But the captive ones have been kept too long and are no longer able to fend for themselves in the wild.  So what is needed is a place with more room to move around, but still confined in a bay behind a net fence where they would be fed and taken care of. That sounds like an enormous undertaking, yet there is an organization planning to do just that, The Whale Sanctuary Project.  https://whalesanctuaryproject.org/ 

Jeff and Katy have had more to do with whales, wild , captured, or rehabilitated, and freed,  than I could have thought possible. 

 We came upon a family of Orcas sharing some kind of kill. We just floated quietly at viewing distance and after a while they worked their way somewhat closer.

In a channel towards the mountains we saw a humpback whale and stopped to watch her a little while. 

 And then on the return circle leg we were met by another Orca family coming up the passage .
 What a wonderful December day. Thanks Jeremy, for making this connection with Jeff and Katy. 

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