Saturday, 10 March 2018

It's fishing season, always !

 It was darn good fishing this morning, March 10.  I was out with Jeremy, on his boat . Good fishing, good weather, good company, and we talked fish politics, and all that , too.  

This time of year is when the herring are spawning , and in some years the fishing slows down locally for a little while, but we had some good action.  Jeremy caught the big one , we had two more nice keepers, and released a couple of undersize, and missed a couple of bites. 

Yesterday, I was out fishing with Shamra, in the middle of the day, so that is two days, after not fishing for a while.  We released two undersized and lost one or two that seemed like nice ones. We took tissue samples of the released fish for DNA analysis.  Lovely weather both trips. 

 Jeremy is taking stomach samples for science research.  So he didn't open the stomach , but there was a tail of a herring sticking out and he pulled it so we could see what size the herring is.  Just a few of those fills the tummy up pretty well. 

 Jeremy writes a blog that I recommend highly for learning information that goes into management of salmon and also halibut and other sportfishing related issues. 

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