Saturday, 29 June 2019

That is a day trip !

 This is a day trip !!  Fly from Vancouver for 5 hours fishing and catch the next flight back again ! 

 Nao was in Vancouver for business and fitted this in .  My part was filling in for Eiji , who had this all lined up .  ( AG Fish Enterprises ) . I met Nao at the taxi , picked up lunches from the floating Snack Shack , and off we went. 
  Fishing was terrific , as it has been this year . Nao caught and released several chinook salmon, and also caught a hatchery coho , which Masumi boxed for flight . 
 After a few hours of fishing , Nao asked if we ever see whales , and just that minute a couple of humpback whales appeared . 

Ahoy , Eiji 


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