Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Estero Peak moods

 Over Quadra Island and beyond the jig-saw pieces of islands and passages is Estero Peak , with  the fishin' hole of Denham Bay at it's foot , and on the other side of the peak is Bute Inlet . 

I take a lot of photos showing the various moods of Estero Peak.  Photos taken from a wide view point at the end of my block .

Sunday, 22 December 2019

Saturday, 19 October 2019

deer around the house

 When I moved over to Campbell River town from Quadra Island , I didn't expect to still see deer so regularly living right around us in the neighbourhood.  This is home for this doe and her family.  These photos are from the back door.

Sunday, 15 September 2019

rowing notes

This year was an exceptionally good year for action in the rowboats .  However , the fish were mostly of the average sizes .  That is fantastic excitement , but it didn't make for a big count on the Tyee Club roster , for which the minimum to register is 30 pounds .

Chinook mature at a range of ages from 2 to 5 or 6 .  So, the optimistic fisherman in me projects that we should have a great return next year of sibling chinooks that stayed at sea a year longer and will return bigger .

I got in on some more rowboat fishing in a personal way , in addition to guiding . 
Shamra has been rowing me because she wants to row me to a Tyee.  It is a rare and good experience for me to be holding the rod for a change.  We mostly got out in evenings after both of us had finished our day jobs. 

We had some good action at times , considering you don't usually expect a lot of action , and released a few .  One of them was big enough to take a really good look at before deciding it was certainly less than 30 pounds, and then releasing it. 

One of my short fish stories of the season was rowing with Scott .  He struck the fish immediately and we had the fish on the line for a short time before it came free. The brazed ring holding the hook had broken .  Rats !  That never happens . 

 A couple of highlights of the season were the fun rowing days with Dave , who makes the trek from California , and fishing as buddy boats with Toby and Rich .

 And we are all happy for the success of our pals with Trevor rowing Scott into the Tyee club . 

Sunday, 1 September 2019

Trevor rows Scott into the THE CLUB

Congratulations Scott and Trevor  !    These buddies have been working at this, and what a beautiful Tyee to put Scott into the Club.  That Tyee Pin looks good on you , pal . 

Super Start September

Saturday, 31 August 2019

Times change

 This is the umpteenth trip for the core originals from California.  Every year from way back in the early 1980s.  Now the next generation numbers as many as the old crew.  And the fishing for this trip was as busy as it ever was .

 We are three boats , with guides Dave and Hugh , and then Eiji subbing in at the end.  The fishing was very , very good , with many fish released , with care .  


   What are you guys doing ? 

Sea lions are common now ,  but they were not so regular a few years ago .

Tuesday, 27 August 2019

Some extra fun

  Anthony and Jen rented a summer spot on Cortes to have some quality time with kids Leo and
Sam .  Nothing better than a family day fishing.  

 There were humpbacks nearby on our trip in and different ones on the way out . 

Sunday, 25 August 2019

Thomas takes a fishing trip from his cruise

 Thomas was cruising around Desolation Sound in his sailboat, away from his home in Seattle .  I picked him up at Gorge Harbour and we fished nearby.  It was a beautiful morning , complete with a fine salmon for him to share with friends.

 There are lovely old First Nations pictographs on the rock walls along the narrow entrance into Gorge Harbour .

Saturday, 24 August 2019

Dave and Noah

Dave and son Noah had another fun annual fishing trip .  One day south and one north . 

  We see more sea lions every year , and they are spread over wider areas .  This one was fishing the same area as a little bunch of boats .  Sea lions often bring bigger fish to the surface and thrash them around to break them into bite size pieces , but big pieces .  We could recognize one meal was a dogfish shark , and another a juvenile chinook . 

On the way back we were crossing the passage almost home again and saw an Orca fin , and then another .    There were a couple of boats watching them .  More Orcas ahead became apparent . We need to give them room to live their lives and this year the requirement by law is to leave a distance of 200 metres.   We angled across the passage  and I had the idea of crossing and coming up the shoreline to get home , but more showed , following behind the others.  It is nice to see them and they are an important attraction for tourism , so I stopped .  Two hundred metres is about the length of two football fields ,  so with the Orcas spread out there wasn't much room for safe passage.  I've had this situation a couple of times in Nodales Channel as well , when the Orcas are numerous enough and spread out such that it is hard to travel .  A couple came close enough for a real good look .  With the long lens on my camera I can get a better photo than seen by eye . 

Here is the regulation about viewing Orcas , or call them Killer Whales .