Thursday, 3 July 2014


 T and J are light tackle enthusiasts. I brought out the extra light rods: a pair of #8 flyrods . It is equipment you might think more suited to fishing on a trout lake, and it makes all sizes of fish look good. This is the light end of bucktail style gear, usually associated with coho fishing. We're fishing in shallow water, fishing behind the boat not under it. We're targeting both chinooks and cohos, but the chinooks come in all sizes, and hoping to repeat the 33# that T got one year, on the light rod, and has a print on the wall as a reminder.
We stopped in at Gorge Harbour Marina for lunch. The owners have done a lot of great improvements to the marina and the grounds over the past few years, and this year they've renovated the restaurant deck.  It was a great lunch in a great location for a bit of island hopping.
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