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Randy wanted a place that would be fun and interesting for his whole family;  that is his wife, and adult children, and their partners.  A reunion of sorts, from California to New York. as the next generation spreads out in the world. And wanting good, interesting fishing as well.

  Eric P's April Point Guest House suited his crew very well, and ,as a bonus, it has a dock.  4 bedrooms, ensuite bathrooms. A really good fit.   
 The family stayed for 4 days, and fished for 3. Each of the fishing days was broken up into two halves with different combinations of family members.  The last afternoon was no fishing at all , with the priority being daughter Rebecca's desire to see the sights rather than fish, so we circumnavigated Quadra and Read islands, getting a bit of a view of the mountains from the mouth of Bute Inlet, and Calm Channel.
 I have to admit that the young folks found their own activities to suit themselves. They enjoyed kayaking with Quadra's Wildcoast Adventures. They hiked to Newton Lake. A walk on Rebecca Spit. Some had massages at the April Point Spa. For one special night , the whole family went to Gowland Harbour Resort for a lovely gourmet meal to celebrate Karen's birthday. There were good activity choices for both the active ones and the lounging ones. Their own fresh-caught lingcod made a couple of self- cooked dinners.  
 Most of the fishing was in the well known near waters, deep in Georgia Strait, the Green Can, the Hump.  But we did get out to the outer islands one very calm afternoon and fished in the shallows where we found a concentration of cohos and a small spring.
 On the last morning, Randy and Joe got a look at the north county and we fished close up to the granite cliffs and shore where the bottom falls off immediately to 150 to 300ft of depth.  We caught some different salmon there, mature migrating cohos and chinooks of different stocks than the ones that are biting so well near Campbell River town. 
 The chinooks were of the semi stubby nose type probably from the Thompson Plateau of the eastern Fraser River watershed. But the real stand out was the 12 lb coho, looking like a late summer or fall " Northern " with a curved over nose and mature milt sacks. -A true summer run coho, so different than what we have been catching just a short distance south. As usual, we took bio -samples of all the fish and I think it will be very interesting to find out if the DFO scientists will be able to identify which rivers these fish are going home to. 

See you next year !
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