Saturday, 29 August 2015

Charles and Peggy

Charles and Peggy are as old as.....well, as old as they are nice,  which is remarkable.  They are probably bored of people complimenting them on their abilities and especially on their adventurous nature, So, we won't mention that again. 
They had a wonderful two part trip. First they stayed several days at Nanook Lodge, where their hosts Larry and Sam supported them going at their own pace. Salmon fishing was hot for chinooks the whole time, but they didn't get up early, and they made some side trips for crabbing, and hiking. 

 Then , for my part, I picked them up mid- day at Nanook and made a bit of a tour on the way down to delivering them at Steep Island Lodge. Chantal was a perfect host for them there.
 The weather was rainy and windy for the first day and they just stayed in. But the following morning was good and we got out at the crack of 10 am for a short fishing trip north of the Narrows and back for an afternoon lunch. The fishing was fairly busy for some pinks and cohos biting , but hard to hook , and no big ones. So, it was fun when Charles caught a beautiful example of a pink salmon, nearing 5 pounds, and he said he was glad to get one of that size because he was able to get it in without any help.
 That was it for fishing with me because I was booked up for the next days, but Charles and Peggy stayed on at Steep Island for a couple more days. Chantal was great, taking them to Gowland Island for a hike and over to Quadra for a look around, and indulging them relaxing at the lodge with good food and quiet time. 

Charles and Peggy are pretty special, and I'm very glad to have been part of the team.

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