Thursday, 27 August 2015

Norm and Laurie

This is Laurie's introduction to salmon fishing in this neck of the woods. Norm has been here years ago and these two came wanted to join their good friends for several days of motorboat fishing and rowing in the Tyee Club tradition.  This is day one. Calm, sunny, lovely. Laurie got the fishing technique down and came up with a really nice one for her first salmon. 

This was a surprise to see a couple of Humpback whales come by in " Butlers" right up on top of the shallows as we fished in one of my favourite spots . 
I am getting used to the idea of the whales coming along more often.  The "Resident" Orcas often fish where we do in the Straits. The Humpbacks gulp herring in Georgia Strait and we are always looking for  the herring. 

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