Saturday, 26 September 2015

fishing with Harley and Rich

Harley and Rich asked me to join them on a fun fishing trip. It was just a great outing with old pals.  
We were hoping to find some chum salmon, which will be increasing in number with their migration timing. We expected cohos as most likely, and hoped for a bonus chinook salmon. We did get one chum,  three cohos and released a couple more of those, and got lucky with this big mature male chinook, a Tyee of 31 pounds. 
And we saw marine wildlife that was hard to get photos of.
Dalls porpoises zipped around near the boat for several minutes.
A gang of Pacific White Sided Dolphins passed by.
 And two massive Humpback whales rolled by a bit further out.   

Notice the spawner teeth. 

That's a very nice coho Harley is releasing.

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