Tuesday, 29 September 2015


Shamra's fishing day was wonderful.  She hoped to get a lingcod, and a coho would be nice bonus. Actually, she said any fish would be a bonus on such a beautiful day on the water. 
 The lingcod was a just right size, and the coho a bright mature male with the hooked nose that many people call " Northerns", just about 12 pounds. 
 We spent some time drifting and watching the dolphins. Its hard to guess the number, but maybe 50 or more,and this time south of Seymour Narrows. They rush in a wide line pushing and corralling the herring , and then settle down again before repeating the cycle. 
There are about ten sea lions that have been hanging around Seymour Narrows.  They came around the point and right close by as we drifted while jigging. 

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