Monday, 18 April 2016

bright day fishing

 George has retired to the Comox valley and wanted to bring his son, David, out for a trip to experience the coast and local salmon fishing. What a very fine day you picked, George. 

 We began the day with a drift close to Campbell River, and then cruised over towards the mainland. 
 It was lovely fishing close to shore with a panoramic view of Desolation Sound . 

 David boated the first one, and then a small chinook just a bit under the 24 1/2 inches minimum size. We took samples from both these fish for the DNA analysis program . Part of fishing is losing some, and we did that, too. 

When David caught an accidental rockfish, an eagle swooped in to take it for his shore lunch. 

It was a great day, with summer weather in mid April. 

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