Thursday, 17 November 2016

Three Humpback Whales in Q Cove

This morning three humpback whales came right into Q Cove. I heard the first blow from inside the house, as it blew right in front of my boat tied to the dock.  That would have been the best picture. 
I took these photos from the porch and then walked down to the dock.  The top photo has the stern of the neighbours boat in the foreground. 

You know you are only seeing a small part of these immense animals, less than the tip of an iceberg. 

What at first looked like one whale turned out to be two very close together, a mother and calf.  You can see that there are two, if you look closely in the next photo and the last one. So there were two together and another large one opposite in the bay, making three.  

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