Sunday, 20 November 2016

Linea, the whale calf

I contacted Jackie Hildering, " The Marine Detective ", and she was able to identify a couple of these Humpback Whales that came into Quathiaski Cove , from photos on my blog post Nov 17.   
This is Linea, the calf, never far from her mother, Maude ( ID # BCY0027 ).  Linea is probably only about ten months old. 
 Apparently there are five Humpbacks in the near neighbourhood. We are seeing Humpbacks all through the year now, but they are unlikely to be staying through the winter, instead, individuals leave and arrive at various times. 

Take a look at Jackie's site / for terrific photos and content about all sorts of marine life. She is presently studying Humpback Whales and providing public education and outreach presentations. 

250 830 8680

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