Thursday, 15 June 2017

another great trip from Napa

Rebecca, Chris, Bruce and Becky share the experience.  Four in the boat, or three, or two, or two boats.  Taking a break from winemaking, or construction, they are all loving this corner of the world, again.

Sonora Resort is the choice of lodging for this trip, with it's luxurious accommodation and attention to detail in all things, from fine food to attentive service. 
 Sonora is also located right on the edge of a series of ocean rapids that has to be seen to be believed.  On the big flood tides the turbulence boils up hake to the surface where scores of bald eagle swoop down to snatch up their dinners. The eagles are often so numerous they are hard to count. If there are about twenty in the photo below, there are four or five groups like that right close by. Eagles generally spread out along the coast, but where there is lots of food they don't mind lots of company. 

 Here's a story I would be reluctant to attempt to repeat. 
 On the last afternoon , all four came out for the trip.  Fishing had been slow,, so when Chris hooked into a strong fish , it really got everybody's attention.  When the fish rolled near the surface at a distance, there were exclamations, and someone said " That's gotta be twenty pounds ! "   With theatrical authority  I said "  nineteen ..........and a quarter. "  
 When it was in the boat , as I was picking it out of the net , Rebecca asked , " Now what do you think it weighs ? "  I answered " nineteen........and a quarter . "   Of course there were some guffaws, so a one dollar bet emerged.  Rebecca took the bet with a wise strategy. " Okay, nineteen and a half " 
 On the scale at Sonora , Rebecca was exactly right.  Rebecca took the photo below with Chris accepting the winnings. 

 We really saw the county on this three day trip, with fishing trips north to Denham Bay , northeast into Bute Inlet, southeast to Toba Inlet, and south into Georgia Strait.  To begin the whole trip, they flew into Campbell River and we started with our cruise up the east side of Quadra Island and to end it all we returned by a circle route down the straits on the west side. 

 Travel well, see you next year !

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