Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Bob and Allie

 Bob and Allie , from Ohio, are photography enthusiasts who were looking for a mix of fishing and wildlife photography.  We made an overnight trip out to a unique cottage in the islands, completing a great circle route around Quadra, Sonora, Read and Cortes Islands, and back to Campbell River.  The timing and direction of the route was determined by the afternoon flood tide where a concentration of eagles put on a show feeding on hake in the ocean rapids.

 It is one thing to get a photo of an eagle. It is another to get a photo of dozens, to a hundred. Bob and Allie will send some of their photos soon and I show them in a blog post then. 

 We saw humpback whales , which we gave space to, drifting with the motor off.  Bob's telephoto lens will bring them into closer view, to be showed later.

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