Thursday, 19 June 2014


 Dean and Curt got into some busy coho fishing. We caught 14 in the morning , of which 6 were hatchery marked cohos that we are allowed to keep.  Great sport on light tackle. We took tissue samples of the first ten. The regulations allow 2 hatchery cohos per person  ( per day, 4 in possession ). We tag and turn the heads in , which have a tiny pin that encodes information about the fish. So, you can see a couple of extra cohos in this photo, which belong to the skipper. I did it for science, you know, but they will taste good.
 We couldn't find a chinook at that location, so when the tide changed favourably, we went to a different spot, and targeted the chinooks. The fellows brought in 3 , and had some more action.
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