Saturday, 25 October 2014


 Alistair and his wife are Australians, exploring BC and ,for a time, joined on this trip by two more Aussies, his brother Chris , and a good friend, also Chris.  They really love the BC wilderness and are making a trip with a schedule. Today is the day for fishing, because they have just come from grizzly bear  watching up-coast  yesterday, and tomorrow they are travelling down -island . Unfortunately, Alistair's wife caught a bug and isn't feeling well enough to join in.   
 Sept 22. The weather forecast is for rain and wind, the first storm for a long time. We head north and as you can see, we are in a very sheltered spot.  The rain comes, but eases off, and stops.  
  That is a nice mature coho in the photo.  It is late enough in September for chum salmon to be migrating through here. We see the top of schools of them on the surface several times, but the moody chums are not biting very much.  We do get a couple of good bites that don't stick. Tricky rascals. Two pink salmon also come to the net. Not a bad day for a day with a nasty forecast. 

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