Thursday, 23 October 2014

Planning ahead

Sheyenne planned ahead for this trip for her family with husband Jason, and daughter Augustine. She had read my webpage and liked the idea of the big experience, lunch at a restaurant ashore and seeing wildlife, as well as catching some salmon.  They departed from home in Seattle at midday, and stayed overnight in Campbell River. After their fishing day they carried on to stay at a B+B on Quadra Island. Sept 16.

 The morning salmon fishing produced action, cohos to bring home, and then trying harder and deeper for chinooks turned up some dogfish sharks and a hake before it was time for a lunch break. It turned out that the restaurant at Gorge Harbour , Cortes Island, was already limiting it's hours by mid September, so a flexible plan was in order. So we stopped at Dick's Fish and Chips, a floating eatery on the Campbell River waterfront. Then north through the Narrows for a change of scenery, a view up the Straits , and fishing close to the hard edged shore for  the big one, which didn't come.   There were a couple of bald eagles checking us out, especially our released undersized chinook, gorgeous scenery, but not a lot of wildlife really. But there would be an encore.
 We were tying up back at the dock when we heard from CR Whale Watching that there were Orcas coming nearer on the south side of town, So, we headed back out, toward Willow Point, slowed when we saw a couple of boats holding position, got a fleeting look and then positioned ourselves at a respectful distance. It was a pretty nice showing of an Orca family, lovely calm conditions, and still it isn't easy to get a great photo, especially without a long lens. Everyone was delighted to see these Orcas, which made a fine end to the day.

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