Monday, 9 February 2015

Fishing Guest House for a Good Cause

 As a part of a fundraiser for Sunday Dennis, a Quadra-raised and loved young mother of three, with treatable brain cancer, Eric Peterson is offering the following;

Seven nights in a waterfront guest house, with a dock,  at April Point, Quadra Island, overlooking Phyllis Island and Discovery Passage.  Accommodates up to  6 people comfortably. A fabulous gathering opportunity.

Included are four donated 5hr fishing trips, two from me and two from our friend, guide Eiji Umemera .
Also included is a professional massage.
Available dates are for most of April and the month of October. See the auction website for more information.

It has been an amazing experience to see the community support that has come forward. The link below will give a bit more background .

There are many and various items on the fundraising online auction, from services to artwork, sculpture, and much more.
For those of you interested in fishing, there are several B+Bs with offerings, and our mutual friend Scott Laird is offering a 5 hr fishing trip, as well.


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