Sunday, 15 February 2015

True cod bonus

Sometimes we catch Pacific Cod on the salmon gear. These are true cod and close relatives of the Atlantic Cod. See the single fleshy whisker under the chin, and three dorsal fins. The flesh is white, mild, delicate and tasty. There is a lot of head and stomach and not so much meat when fillets are removed from the skeleton, still they're great food.  They are often in extensive schools and in the deep salmon fishing spots.
I'll be cooking some of this cod this Valentine's Day weekend.  Photo taken by an appreciative Ontario angler.

This salmon is typical of winter chinooks, but there are some in the mid to high teens and bigger. Just a few days ago a local angler weighed in a 31 pounder. That is pretty special for a winter fish, with a whole summer ahead for any of his kind to fatten up even more, right in our front yard.

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