Sunday, 22 March 2015

First day of spring, spring salmon

That is one gaudy plug , Claude. 

It is the first day of spring, March 21, calm, sunny and fishy. Shamra and I are out in Claude's boat to be extra hands for it's shake-down cruise and, of course, fishing. What could go wrong ? Well the depth sounder has a mystery glitch, so we are fishing blind without sonar. Can't complain when we find a couple of fish anyways. 

One of the local guides has had a very good day recently , catching a bunch of salmon out in the back forty, including a 27 and a 35 pounder. That report gives extra excitement at every bite. 

Claude has brought out this crazy colourful Tomic plug. We fish it right out of the box, no modifications, no changing the hook. Green on the bottom, pink on top, black spots on the sides.  I would not choose that.  I've brought along a few of my own favourites.  Surely the fish will prefer my choices. But no, the first and biggest grabs this swimming slice of watermelon. Well, it must be a spring picnic. 

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