Monday, 23 March 2015

spring tides

One of the things that happens with the spring season is that finally we see some low tides in daylight. For the winter , on this part of the coast , low tide happens in the middle of the night, and in summer deep lows are in the middle of the day, so spring sees the turn around. 
The first lows expose some creatures that have been in the water or shadows for a long while.  
 I reported in earlier posts ( Jan 16, Stars, Urchins, Murder ) that we have seen the effects of sea star disease and the take over by massive numbers of small green urchins. However, this day I walked along the low tide line and saw quite a few sea stars ( starfish ), of various types. 
It is interesting that many of these creatures choose bright colours.  Some larger red sea urchins have reappeared, and predators have immediately gutted some as soon as they were reachable.  

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