Monday, 7 August 2017

Ladies morning

Marlene, Ellen, Lainee, and Michelle, were hoping to see a bit of everything and also catch a salmon.

As guests at the summer place of a good friend, an mostly new to fishing, this was to be a general interest trip. A bit of good fortune and the morning unfolded wonderfully. Fairly early, Ellen brought in the salmon dinner .
 We changed location and en route a humpback whale breached near to us.  Then , turning into a narrow channel , we met a pod of Orcas coming the other way. It is proper, and legally required, to give the whales a wide distance. We paced them in parallel for a little while, and then turned off the motor.  Some of the family came nearer as they passed by us. What a treat.  Oh, and at other times in the morning an eagle flew overhead, and a sea lion that came by and rolled with an eye on us.  Thanks for bringing your good luck , ladies.

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