Thursday, 17 August 2017

Steve and Justin

Father and son, Steve and Justin enjoyed the salmon flow. We had talked about how a lot of salmon are migrating by, not biting much.. We watched a stream of trout-like pinks and robust sockeyes porpoise , or jump, and wave to us as they went by.  We are really just fishing for chinooks, but we'll take a pink or hatchery coho if it grabbed on.  In one of the popular fishing holes we saw a few chinooks caught, but not for us, until we moved. 

 When we moved to a place all alone we had a couple of bites and got this nice one.  This tricky fish waited until we were staring out at passing dolphins and bit while we weren't looking.  But we hooked him anyways. 

Interestingly, this fish had hooks in his mouth from a previous encounter.  The hooks were very new looking, but there was no one fishing within a mile or so from us. 

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