Sunday, 29 July 2018


 A calculated risk .  Bob gets his fish , sort of. 
 Bob contacted me from New Zealand to plan this trip.  He was coming half -way around the world for a re-union of friends and planned to catch a fish and make that a dinner for all. We exchanged several pleasant emails about his other fishing , and I just knew he would appreciate the wilder scenery experience of the north passages.  He was staying at the B+B across the street from my house. I expected this to be a special trip. 
The fishing south had been more productive , but I gambled that we would catch at least one fishing where we wanted to fish , in the north passages .  Bob did get a bite in each of two spots, but not enough of a grab to get the hooks in .  Such a gentleman , he was very dignified about it , and understands that fishing is ... well ... fishing .  Getting skunked is rare, but it does happen . With confidence , I had zigged when maybe I should have zagged. 
 The next day , I had Europeans in the boat who didn't plan on taking fish home , and they were very glad to give a fish to Bob .  I made a phone call and Bob met us at the cleaning table when we came in .  A fish big enough for a couple of banquets with his friends. 
 I wish I could have averaged the fishing out over those days. After giving that fish , I went out again for the afternoon with a family of four , and caught four beauties.  See the following posts.  Okay, I am almost getting over this .  Thanks for great company on a lovely day fishing, Bob. 

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