Friday, 22 June 2018

follow the herring

 Fishing a quick fun trip with Shamra and Rich.  We stayed in the relative shallows, mostly just 50 feet to bottom.  We didn't find the herring immediately, but when we did we had lots of action. Cohos ! and chinooks.  We were sight fishing, looking for the birds, and often seeing the herring on the surface .
 Harley came by looking to compare notes for cohos,  for fun and maybe a lucky hatchery marked coho to keep . He already had three chinooks on board from earlier. 
 A humpback surfaced and blew near to us in that shallow water .  We did not see it beforehand, and afterward we tried to look for it ,  but did not see it come up again . They can travel far on a breath, 
 The humpback whales are another measure of the bounty of food in this area. 

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