Saturday, 9 June 2018

Zoom !

 Diane, Brody, Chloe, and Logan make the next team from Super Island.  We head out for yesterday's hotspot.  It is pretty good there with smaller fish and we take tissue samples of quite a few, and Diane becomes a specialist at helping with that.  After a while we move on a little further around the corner into the glacial tinted water.  Some bites and a release , and then Chloe gets a strong bite and a fish that zooms out line , and hey, Logan has one on, too !  Logan gets the twin up close enough where we get a look before it shakes the hook .

Meanwhile Chloe has a mile of line to wind up.  The fish and angler both get tired muscles. 
We tried the hot spot on the way back , and had a good bite and chance at another. It is all fun, and one fish like this adds a lot to the pantry.  It is different every day. 

Thanks Diane for the extra photos. 

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