Friday, 10 April 2015

Orca distraction

These Orcas were just lazing around in Discovery Passage. 

I couldn't help myself. I was fussing with this blog to try to get the videos to work better, but that was a distraction from what I should be doing, which is invoicing my carpentry projects. So these whales are an extra distraction. I grabbed my neighbour ,Stan, who I knew would love this, 

These photos make it look like we were very close , so I have to say that the telephoto lens and then cropping the photo does wonders. I don't want people thinking I can take my boat as close as this looks. 

  Everyone would like to get close , but that is a no-no. The whales need their space.  Especially in these modern times when so many people come out to see them.  The technology of cameras is kind of a good and bad thing. Good that you can get a shot without bothering the animals, and bad if seeing some photos raises people's expectations unrealistically. 

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