Sunday, 12 July 2015

birthday surprise !

Tricia planned this secret well in advance. Chris on the other hand was awakened very, very early in the morning.  Surprise ! We're going fishing ! Happy Birthday !
Leaving the dock a little after 6 am, we chose to go north , especially because it was a bit windy from the south.  It looked pretty flat on the ebb with the wind and current coming the same direction. I even nosed the boat towards the Cape for a few minutes just to get a feel of it, and it didn't take going far to feel a roll coming in. There would be a short window and then it would get rough when the flood started. Not for us. 
Off we went travelling through nice conditions, and settled in to fish in very sheltered waters behind the islands.  There was a little rain, but not enough for rain gear, and sometimes a beautiful mist to feel like you are in the clouds in the mountains. 
The salmon were cooperative. 

Back on the south side of Campbell River town you might look out and think it is too rough to fish, but look at this water, calm and lovely.  


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