Monday, 13 July 2015

It's my turn

I pretty much brought my fish in all by myself.  Didn't you, too,  Kai ?  
Yes, well, maybe Grandad helped a bit, Kael. 
 And I caught the most fish.  I got a salmon and a lingcod. 
Are you including all the fish we let go ? Like the dogfish sharks ? And the small lingcod ?  And the small salmon that the sharks ate big bites out of ? that was cool. 
But I won the quiz ! 
 No, we were tied for points. 

But, who got in the most pictures ? 

But , who got the biggest one ? 

Thanks, Grandad.  Are we having cod fish and chips for dinner ?  And can we take some salmon home to Edmonton ? 
 That was fun ! 


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