Monday, 6 July 2015

Fishing for delicious

So, besides salmon, Katie wanted to know, what else is there ?  She really prefers the white-flesh fishes for eating. With no bites for the first hour, Grandad Bob and Uncle Bob seemed more content to wait for a salmon, and hey, there's a bite. We lost the first one and boated the second. Then we moved to a different location, changed a lure on one side, and sent a deep line down. 
What do you know, up comes a Pacific cod. A good sized one. These have tender white meat, close relatives of the Atlantic cod. And then another. Katie you've got a knack for these. " I'm fishing for delicious ! ", she lets us know. 
 Soon I was thinking and steering back for salmon, but Katie does it again and up comes another cod, all three nice large ones.  Actually, Bob senior was taking the wheel quite a lot while I was in the stern with the gear, so maybe he should get some credit for finding the fish. 
 Next Katie caught a lingcod. I have to explain that most of the fish that are called cod are not actually cod. Those first three are cod, but the lingcod is of the greenling family. Oh well, it is a different kind of delicious. 
Back on track, another chinook salmon grabs on and puts up a good fight. Bob's got the salmon technique down. Three generations of specialists. The team brings back two salmon, three Pacific cods, and a lingcod. 
Delicious ! 

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