Saturday, 25 July 2015

from Belgium

Here's Kris, a surgeon from Belgium , with his son and the partners of his daughters. The whole family, eight, are staying at Eric Peterson's Vacation Home near April Point. 
 Yesterday all of them took in a day trip with Campbell River Whale Watching and zoomed way up the straits to take in all the scenery and saw many Orcas. 
 This morning just the men-folk came out, hoping to have a great introduction to local fishing, and bring back fish to cook at the house. Mission accomplished with more to share. 
 Many people like to catch salmon for the thrill, but I know they will also like to eat lingcod for the taste, so I directed some time to that. It is a big year for pink salmon, and we caught one of those, and a 19 pound chinook salmon. There was also the excitement of a chinook that tore most of the line from the reel before the hook came out. 
 There is lots of eating to do now. Jeff, Vincent , Burton, Kris, thanks for coming fishing !  Bon Appetit !  And enjoy the rest of your exploration vacation. 


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