Tuesday, 14 July 2015

family cruise

Shaun and Debra, with sons Cole and Wade. Debra got her interest in fishing while growing up with a father who loves fishing.   However, she also wants a scenic trip that will be interesting for the whole family.  We fished in the north channels, close to shore and cliffs,  Shaun caught the big one, which could impress Debra's father. Debra caught the next one, and that was plenty of fish for their needs. Cole and Wade are of that age when sleeping in on vacation is a highlight, but not today, sorry guys. 
 Early in the fishing I got stuck at the back of the boat for a few minutes taking care of a glitch in the rigger. Instructions to Debra : drive up here, parallel to shore, watch the contour, turn out if it gets shallower, and drive to where the fish are. So she did, the rod shook, and Shaun was into his fish. Good driving!!

We watched eagles fishing nearby, soaring out from their perches, snatching fish of some kind from the surface. At a distance, an eagle landed in the water and, doing the breast stroke, towed it's catch to shore. Eagles do that once in a while with loads too heavy to snatch up and carry.

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